Hello Nice People!

I am Disemino, an international multidisciplinary artist based in Rome (Italy).

My roots lie in Ukraine, but I have been an Italian citizen for many years now, finding in this new land a new home for my creative aspirations. My initial steps led me to the Netherlands, where I studied computer engineering, cryptography, and artificial intelligence. These technological realms provided me with a strong foundation, yet it was the passion for graphics and photography that truly captured my heart.

My transition from technology to creativity was driven by an irresistible desire to convey stories through visual communication. I honed my artistic skills by immersing myself in the Adobe environment, which became a second home for me for years. Every spare moment was dedicated to refining my abilities and creating captivating visual narratives.

My experience in computer engineering and cryptography proved to be a valuable anchor, as I could apply a unique perspective to my approach in graphics, photography, and the world of crypto, NFTs. My works are a fascinating blend of technology and creativity, seamlessly merging captivating visual elements with a profound understanding of structure and communication.

Today, my work is a reflection of this eclectic journey. The stories I create through imagery speak of emotions, human connection, and technological intuition. I am grateful for every step I’ve taken along this path, from my birth in Ukraine to my growth in Italy, my studies in the Netherlands, and my artistic journey fueled by passion and dedication.

I enjoy exploring various forms of artistic expression and crafting evocative works that narrate meaningful stories through photography, graphic design, collage, and tattoo artistry. My passion for cold and dramatic environments is intricately woven into my pieces, which convey a powerful emotional impact. Capturing dramatic scenes and creating images that speak for themselves makes my work unique and cherished by collectors and art enthusiasts.

I love capturing stories and emotions through photography, favoring cold and dimly lit environments that hold significance. At times, during my creative “hunts,” I carry along various objects to pair with situations, either to tell their stories or to invent something pleasant. Capturing people in intimate moments is a source of joy for me, and while I often spend time in the studio, I have a preference for spontaneous and candid shots. Particularly, I hold an appreciation for the art of capturing dramatic scenes capable of telling a story on their own. Each artwork I create is a culmination of stories and meanings. This is particularly evident in my “Wander Stories Collection,” also known as the “Blue Cold Collection.” It features works adorned with cool and suggestive colors, set amidst conditions of limited illumination.

My works have been showcased in various exhibitions:

  • “Links Between Worlds” by Dimmensions DAO,  The Sociasl Hub, Florence (Italy)
  • “L’Avvento della Modernità, Dal Bello a Sublime, Da Firenze a New York” Agorà Gallery (New York, USA)
  • “Extra Moenia. Un classico ultracontemporaneo”, Palazzo WeGil Trastevere, Roma NFT Week
  • “NFT NYC 2023” Community Artist Showcase (North Javits) at Artists Village, with a notable presence on Times Square Billboards (New York, USA)
  • “NFT Show Europe” 2023 (Valencia, Spain)
  • “Digital Invasion” at Casa d’Aste Pandolfini (Florence)
  • “Personal onCyber Gallery” (included within the OM Alpha District)
  • “Artist United Gallery” on OnCyber.io
  • “Dante’s Inferno Gallery” by TaurosDAO on NewArt.city
  • “Panopticon: Darkness in Light” by TaurosDAO on Spartial.io
  • “The Funeral Exhibition” by BottegaDAO on Spartial.io

Participating in these exhibitions has allowed me to share my artistic passion with a broader audience, offering an opportunity for them to appreciate and uncover my works in diverse and stimulating contexts. These exhibition experiences have significantly contributed to enhancing my visibility and reputation as an artist.

I’m also a tattoo artist and have a penchant for turning my hand-drawn geometric creations into mesmerizing animations. I combine these designs with psychedelic motifs, creating a fusion that catches the eye and radiates the energy of timeless wisdom.

Driven by this passion, I gave birth to the first digital pieces of the “InkedArt Collection” series. These extraordinary and totally unique works of art have remained hidden from human sight until now. They are whimsical and vibrant compositions that have been conceptualized and styled, but have never found their place under anyone’s skin. These tattoos are the product of 100% hand-drawn craftsmanship, meticulously assembled piece by piece. They have been reinvented with psychedelic textures and revitalized through animation.

To date, the collection is pretty much gone, finding a home among collectors around the world. Some pieces can be discovered within secondary markets, offering a glimpse into this unique fusion of art.



Official Twitter account: @disemino
Official BlueSky account: @disemino.com

ENS: disemino.eth
XTZ: disemino.tez 

You can find some my works as NFT and Follow me on  Foundation  |  Manifold  |  KnownOrigin  |  OpenSea   |  Objkt  LooksRare
From 2022 I’m deployed my own smartcontract and starting to mint into. Artworks (for a moment) are visible on Foundation, LooksRare, OpenSea & Rarible
Member of  TaurosDAO , Bottega DAO