Hello Nice People!

My name is Disemino,
I’m international multidisciplinary artist based in Italy.

Graphic Design, Visual Communications, Photography, Tattoo.

I like to photograph stories and emotions, prefer cold themes, dramatic meanfull ambients. Sometimes going to the “hunt” I bring various objects with me to match them with situations and tell their story or invent a nice one. I love to capture people in moments of their intimacy. Although I often work in a studio, I prefer casual, spontaneous shots. More than anything else, I’m appreciated the art of capturing dramatic scenes that could tell a story all on their own. Each one is chock full of stories, full of meaning. This is more than relevant in the incredibly beautiful and famous low-light series of works with cold colors, which are part of the “Wander Stories Collection” also known as “Blue Cold Collection”.

Also I am a tattoo artist and I like to transform my geometric hand drawn creations into hypnotic animations combining them with the psychedelic patterns that by capturing the gaze transmit energy of eternal wisdom.
Following this passion, the first digital works from the “InkedArt Collection” series were born. These prestigious and completely unique works of art have never been seen by the human eye. They are extravagantly colorful pieces that have only been thought of and drawn in raw concept but have never been placed beneath the skin of anyone. These tattoos are all 100% completely hand-drawn and completed by joining piece by piece, regenerated with psychedelic texture, and revitalized with animation. For today the collection has been practically sold and is in the hands of collectors from all over the world. Some pieces can be found on the secondary markets.


Official Twitter account: @disemino

ENS: disemino.eth
XTZ: disemino.tez 

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Personal onCyber Gallery (included in @punk6529 OM Alpha District @OM100m)


Some works are in exhibition:

Artist United Gallery on OnCyber.io
Dante’s Inferno Gallery by TaurosDAO on NewArt.city
Panopticon: Darkness in Light by TaurosDAO on Spartial.io
The Funeral Exhibition by BottegaDAO on Spartial.io


Member of  TaurosDAO , Bottega DAO


From 2022 I’m deployed my own smartcontract and starting to mint into. Artworks (for a moment) are visible on Foundation, LooksRare, OpenSea & Rarible

For a moment have 139 pieces MINTED / 80 pieces SOLD / 80 pieces COLLECTED (yes, I’m also small collector 😉 )

*  please beware of other fake accounts except above