Extra Moenia. Un classico ultracontemporaneo

Rome NFT Week is an event about NFTs and WEB3. An event dedicated not only to all those who are already protagonists of it, but also and especially to those who have heard about it, are curious and want to find a place where all their aspects, both cultural and economic, are addressed.

Rome NFT Week will bring together creators, artists, Web3 entrepreneurs, marketers, influencers and other industry professionals ready to answer visitors’ doubts and curiosities.

Ample space will be given to dialogue with institutions with talks, speeches and round tables where important issues will be addressed both on cultural aspects and legislative regulations inherent to NFTs and CryptoAssets.

Sept. 14-17, 2023, Palazzo WEGIL, Rome (Trastevere)

Curated by Pietro Battarra

“Extra Moenia. An ultra-contemporary classic” aims to stimulate in the author a new research.

The balance between intra and extra moenia lies precisely in the relationship between classicism in the center and experimental research in the periphery. The wall is precisely the boundary on which the artist moves to draw from the past and elaborate innovation. This creative effort makes the classical relevant and projects creativity into new designs, which thus become ultra-contemporary.





United Artists Gallery Exhibition

🎨 “Awakening” Shines at United Artists Gallery on cyber.io 🌐

We are thrilled to announce that the mesmerizing artwork “Awakening” has taken center stage at the renowned United Artists Gallery on cyber.io! 🖼️✨

“Awakening” is a captivating masterpiece that leaves viewers in awe with its vibrant colors and intricate details. The artist’s profound message of self-discovery and transformation resonates deeply with all who experience this stunning piece of art. 🌌🌟

The virtual exhibition on cyber.io allows art enthusiasts from around the world to immerse themselves in the beauty and symbolism of “Awakening.” Its powerful depiction of breaking free from constraints and embracing personal growth touches hearts and ignites the spirit of exploration. 🌿🌅

This artwork has left an indelible mark on the art community, sparking conversations and inspiring creativity. “Awakening” is a testament to the universal language of art, connecting souls across borders and cultures. 🌍❤️


Artist United Gallery on OnCyber.io

Dante’s Inferno Exhibition

🎨🔥 “Dante’s Inferno” Exhibition at Tauros Dao Gallery 🔥🎨

Step into a world of artistic exploration as Tauros Dao Gallery proudly presents “Dante’s Inferno,” a captivating exhibition that delves into the depths of the human psyche. Among the awe-inspiring artworks on display is my hauntingly beautiful piece “Memento Mori”.

“Memento Mori” serves as a powerful reminder of life’s impermanence and the inevitability of mortality. With exquisite craftsmanship and profound symbolism, the artwork invites viewers to contemplate the fleeting nature of existence and the significance of cherishing each moment.

As visitors traverse through this thought-provoking exhibition, they will embark on a visual journey akin to Dante Alighieri’s classic literary masterpiece. Themes of darkness, redemption, and human emotions interweave, leaving an indelible impact on the soul.

Join us at Tauros Dao Gallery/Museum to experience “Dante’s Inferno” and witness the artistic brilliance of “Memento Mori” . Don’t miss the opportunity to be immersed in this extraordinary world of art and introspection.

🗓️ Exhibition Dates: Permanent
🏛️ Venue: Tauros Dao Gallery/Museum
📍 Location: Dante’s Inferno Gallery by TaurosDAO on NewArt.city